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    On my original one since Canadian launch. No oreo.. nice and tight... no issues really.. battery is good but bought the 1400mah Mugen one. It has a very slight yellow discoloration on the top left corner of the screen but that isnt' enough for me to warrant returning it as I don't really notice it unless I look specifically for it.. no dead pixels, sound is good.. great phone so far!
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    Ditto! Launch day Pre. No problems.
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    Got mine on launch day. Took me about 2 months of random shutdowns and I finally went to store. After a batt replacement no problems since.

    In the first week a putting a small chip on the screen but I have no idea how it happened. It only really shows when it's clean. If it stays greased up it's not noticeable.
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    even though im on # eight, i love mine just the same
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    Palm Vx > Treo 650 > Centro > G1 > Pre > BlackBerry 9700
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    I purchased 4 new Pre's on June 6th and still have all four of them that have not had ANY problems I hope I didn't just jinx myself!
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    Got mine 6-9-09 still using it.
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    Had mine sincs launch GF is on her 2nd since july but both seem to be as good as new
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    same here,launch day,houston area
    although waiting for reception issues to be fixed still,or fixed in newer build,then will swap
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    5 Pres at launch day for my family. Mine is still perfect. Two have cosmetic issues (boys are rough on their phones). Wife's developed a wobble. But they all still work as advertised. Love our Pres after homebrews!
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    I'm still loving my launch-day Pre. No problems.
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    2 launch day Pre, both doing fine. Ghost Armor on both.
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    I got mine mid-june, and have also not had any issues with it
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Give it time, you'll be swapping it soon enough.
    Exactly how much time is required? And, if/when that time expires, and the person hasn't had to, will you then be willing to admit you might be wrong?

    Just sayin'
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