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    I have a bit of wiggle and a tiny gap but nothing far no hardware issues as other poeple have mentioned, OH and still have my USB cover thing attached too.

    Only thing used is an Invisible Sheild...just cause I wanted to be safe...probably be ok without it.
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    Same here. Put Ghost Armor on after the first week and it is still perfect!
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    Me too, and it shows... its covered in tiny little scratches

    Lately my 'oreo' has been getting a bit worse though...
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    The only reason I switched my June 6th Pre was for slight yellow discoloration around the bottom of the screen - other than that, it worked perfect.

    My current Pre is doing fine, also. It's only about a week or two older (newer). I haven't had the Oreo issue, etc. I love my phone!
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    Still on my launch Pre, dropped it once from chest height, bounced a few times and slid about a foot on the face, no scratches on the screen, very little play on the slider.. oh and the tiny piece of plastic on the bottom of the usb port is broken, but that's because i kept catching it instead of the usb door flap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    My launch day Pre is still perfect in all respects. It does not even have a screen protector or case and I keep it in my pocket and it has yet to scratch. Wish I could say the say for my iTouch. That screen scratches every time I look at.
    Same here, launch-day Pre, kept in pocket (by itself) and no scratches.
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    ME too also .

    Shut down like 5 times when I closed it since June 6th, not sure if I should do anything or not.
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    Me too ! still on the same one since Launch day !
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    As am mine 10th of june.still strong,still awesome.Go generation pre....
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    Day 1 phone. No cracks, dead pixels, oreo, or light leakage (knock on wood).
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    2 on Launch Day still going strong.
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    First in line on launch day. Still perfect...
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    Quote Originally Posted by fwinst View Post
    Day 1 phone. No cracks, dead pixels, oreo, or light leakage (knock on wood).
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    No problem with mine. I waited a couple hours to get it, but have had it since June 6th.
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    First in line on launch day. I love my pre. I do have the piece of paper jammed in the batterry...but other than that no problems so far. I dropped my pre onto asphault one time and dinged up the side a little bit. I was sad at first but it just feels broken in so I don't have to be so anal with it anymore.
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    I'm still on 1 PRE from launch day. Also have never had a problem
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    Mines still working fantastic, as well as the other 2 pre's in my family. Thanks for the post, and thanks to Palm for the great phone that even us "phone dumb" people can understand.

    In fact, I just might have to change my screen name to phonegeek as much as I use it now!!
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    First here, if my phone keeps random resetting tho it'll be my second in a few weeks
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    My launch day Pre was perfect - until I dropped it HARD a month ago. Got a brand new one from Asurion the next day. All is well (added an Invisible Shield tho - old one had a few tiny scratches & didn't want to risk it again)
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    1st Pre here! No looking back at all.
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