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    I was wondering how it's possible that I'm able to stream on my Pre while talking on the phone. I use shoutcast, so I haven't tried any other app. I noticed that the stream just goes very quiet, but is still audible when I make a call.

    How is that possible when Sprint can't do data while using the phone?

    Any thoughts?
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    Are you on Wifi?
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    Could be that Shoutcast is playing from the buffer...
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    No I'm was not on Wifi. And if its a buffer, how does it store info for a live show like howard stern? I had it going for about 3 min on the call.
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    The live show isn't really live, there is probably a few minute delay. It was just buffered.

    There are no other options.
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    So basically if I stayed on my phone call for a while, eventually the stream will end, correct?

    I will give that a try.
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