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    I apologize ahead of time if this is a stupid question. But....why are there more Blackberry advertisements on here than anything else?? I mean, if I have to keep waiting for this update any longer, I may actually take them up on a new tour since at least their TRYING to steal my business
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    Content-based ad placement. You see it everywhere. I understand the concept but I've always thought it was kind of sleazy. It's like some guy standing outside of a restaurant telling you that the place across the street is better.
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    There's advertisements on this forum?
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    yea.. if you go to and its loaded with PRE adds... its kinda funny
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    Its total funny. But weird nonetheless. If I sign up a new line with sprint I get the BB tour for only $199!!! It takes some massive "stones" to put up advertising on someone elses home turf
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    It's not "weird". Why would someone advertise the BlackBerry on a BlackBerry. "Preaching to the choir" is fine, if you're not have to pay to preach. Advertising costs money. They want to spend the money where it might make them money. RIM advertising on a BB is a waste, since they are advertising to a captured market. In other words, they've alreday won them.

    If you are running a Palm app, then it's clear you're using the competiton product. A user of a competiton product is a potential convert, thus a potential revenue stream.
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    I see. Well......let me know when you come across a Pre or Iphone ad on

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