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    I use Media Monkey. I love the fact that you can set it to always convert an audio files to 128 bitrate mp3 when syncing files over. (You can choose a different conversion of course.)
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    I'm old-fashioned -- drag and drop. Works on my phone and on my (non-iPod) mp3 player.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyg View Post
    I use prayer.
    Made my day.
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    You don't care about custom playlists either? You can't get that with drag and drop.
    Sure you can. Music player (Remix).

    I drag and drop as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoe View Post
    I went ahead and installed iTunes 9... looks nice,

    NOW how do I transfer music to my Pre?

    Seriously, there's no other program that can do it OTHER than iTunes?

    I guess I can go back to 8, but why??
    I use iTunes 8.2... a lot of people may gripe about it... However I feel its the easiest and most convenient way.

    I've also used doubletwist in the past when iTunes Sync wasn't available (just about as painless).

    Check this out for many other varieties of syncing.
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    itunes here as well. it's still the easiest, most pain free way to slice & dice music and dynamic playlists to sync. flylists in the remixed music player is NOT a viable way of creating anything but a short on-the-go playlist. trying to pare down one's entire music collection into one that will fit on the pre requirs multiple filtering schemes that itunes does a nice job of.
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    I use whatever method I feel like using at the time (drag and drop, mediamonkey, winamp, etc...) I LOVE not being tied to a single piece of software or operating system.

    I have yet to transfer anything to my Pre in Ubuntu on my Dell mini 9 but it is nice to know that it will work fine also.
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    I just copy over via USB. I can't stand itunes. Just copy which ever albums I want over and done.. no fiddling around. Then I can erase them off my computer without worrying about sync and such.
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    Drag and Drop.

    Apple, and everything it created, is a parasite and I refuse to play by their rules.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pioneer View Post
    Drag and Drop.

    Apple, and everything it created, is a parasite and I refuse to play by their rules.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    You don't care about custom playlists either? You can't get that with drag and drop.
    honestly... not really. I lack the patience to sit and make playlists. In 10+ years, and 120GB+ of music, I've probably made 2 dozen playlists. I copy what I like and throw it on shuffle.

    I use Pandora, AccuRadio, and ShoutCast most of the time anyway.
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    I'm probably going to use doubleTwist if 1.2.1 doesn't fix iTunes sync.

    I hope Palm just gives up on the iTunes sync and instead licenses PlaysForSure, implements MTP, and allows me to use WiMP to sync my Zune Pass songs onto my Pre. Now that's a pipe-dream, but it's a beautiful, perfect world one
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    Drag and Drop.

    And I use Media Monkey to organize my music.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoe View Post
    Winamp? there's an idea.. does it transfer the album art and all that?
    It does. It supports playlists and all the good stuff that all these other media players do but for me the icing of the cake on using Winamp is the simple interface and the fact that it just works right. Drag and Drop is good and all but sometimes I like to just sync stuff and I add different music to my different playlists, and when I connect my Pre, it syncs all the newly added songs on the playlist. People like iTunes cause it works. Same for Winamp.
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    can you copy files over wifi to the pre? that would be handy, I hate having to root about for a cable etc, and with the pre having that flimsy usb door I'd rather never touch it.
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    Media Monkey +1
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    I think i've tried just about everything (except double twist, i'm installing that right now... MediaMonkey and WinAmp are my favorites... I've used media sync mode and usb mode... they all have their pros and cons...
    I installed iTunes once, but when it asked me for a credit card number so i could download "free" album art that i had already downloaded and embedded with MediaMonkey, I deleted that P.O.S.
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    itunes is what I use but barely due to only update when I get new music
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    I did drag & drop, but I must've dropped somewhere wrong, where the heck have you dropped?
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    I'm using iTunes 9.0.1 - not a need to upgrade at this time -- I also downloaded doubletwist to use on my laptop -- it works well, but i'll wait to use it on my main desktop until palm gives a final answer on iTunes syncing.
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