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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic View Post
    Textmaker from Softmaker lets you create PDF documents on WM devices fyi:

    SoftMaker : SoftMaker Office for Pocket PCs : TextMaker

    Softmaker is by far the most powerful and fully loaded office bundle I have every tried or seen on any mobile platform... It would be nice if they would ever consider supporting the webos platform...
    Gfunk, I though it would let you export a document as a PDF but not edit one.
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    Read, Edit, Comment, Create... Foxit Software - Best PDF Reader

    Screw Adobe and their bloatware... PDF is supposed to be a cross-platform, quick document format... they keep piling crap onto it... this software does everything you need and is faster and cheaper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by csquare View Post
    Gfunk, I though it would let you export a document as a PDF but not edit one.
    Under features it has listed:

    NEW: Create PDF files (even PDF forms) directly from TextMaker
    I don't have my old Treo 800w with my at the moment or I would test it out...
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    For those who suggest the netbook route, FoxIt isn't all that good on the PC, in my opinion.

    I'm currently using Bluebeam PDF Revu, and it's the most powerful PDF editor I've ever used, but it also has simplified views that you can customize as well if you don't need everything.
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