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    Title pretty much says it all. Do you guys know of any free video conversion software to put movies on tthe pre? I have a lot of formats, wmv, avi...Any ideas guys?

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    hmm....I tried convertig a video with the iphont preset, but when i played it back, the audio was much faster than it shoudl have been. It was in sync with the video, just seemed to be playing faster than it should. Any suggestions?

    What settings do you sue for audio/video?
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    Format Factory
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    I use Super, from erightsoft . com
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    DVD Catalyst - free version. Select screen size and desired quality and it does the rest.
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    Price is right for Handbrake.
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    Handbrake is very good.

    I have a question, it's been bugging me. When you put a movie on the Pre, is the preview thumbnail/image for the video blank? Can you add an actual picture to it? Kind've like album art, but for videos.

    This is simple on the iPhone because you're not converting anything, but buying the official copy.
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    hey yall, i downloaded HandBrake and i ripped a movie to my hard drive... i didn't know where to copy it to on my pre, so i put where the palm pre intro video is, but the movie didn't work.

    the movie is in .m4v which is weird cause i chose to put it in .mp4! so im not sure if thats the problem of why it didn't play... so any help would be greatly appreciated!

    p.s. it is in 320x480
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sukiyaki View Post
    yeah i'm on os x so it didn't work, looked promising though! pretty disappointed that its windows! :/

    anyone else got an idea?
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    use cocosoft ipod Video converter It Works Really Good And if you guys need the key and password let me know i will post it up so you all can get it
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    isquint or visualhub are amazing
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    Any Video Converter has worked great for me....even when another converter didn't.

    Any Video Converter - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

    I convert to the "Mobile Phone MPEG-4 Movie" profile(which is a .mp4) and have never had a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leathal View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by scuba_steve View Post
    Price is right for Handbrake.
    Quote Originally Posted by pdfierro View Post
    Handbrake is very good.

    Add one more for Handbrake.

    It's good, it's free, it works with Windows, Linux and Mac. It has presets for the iphone/ipod touch that work perfectly on Pre, and it can also go straight from a DVD to a file for your Pre.
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    +1 for super. it lets you convert almost anything to almost anything.

    handbreak is ok, but a little more restrictive in what you can do.
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    where exactly in the pre do ya save it to?
    just that main menu where the palm pre welcome video is?
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    In a folder called videos. Make one if there isnt one.
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