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    so trying to show off to my buddy i showed him the virtual keyboard... he just made some iPhone remark. I knew i had to get him back, so i got the simpsons theme, knowing he was an avid fan! he nearly **** himself when he saw the start up!

    but anyways, i went home got rid of it on WebOS Quick Install... started up and its still there! I restarted it... nothing. I got rid of the virtual keyboard, nothing! Do i have to doctor it? Or any other ideas?

    edit:also when i click on **** there is a spider... i have no idea why that related to the simpsons?
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    Alright, found the solution... my friend was messing with my phone. telling him i used the preware app was a bad idea, cause he downloaded spiderman too!

    so i was deleting it off preware and after seven minutes i called it quits and did it through QuickInstall... restarted and i still had the problem!

    Doctoring it... at 14% already! Sorry for the post, should've just done this in the first place especially cause there MIGHT be an update tomorrow

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