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    Does anyone else have this problem? I recently dropped my Pre with the slider open and now it will not close. Everything else about the phone works just fine but the phone will not slide closed. It seems like it is binding on something internal to the phone.
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    take it to a sprint repair...same thing (sort of) happened to me today i pulled the charger while pre was connected while the pre was open it fell to the floor....then i started hearing clicking on the right side of my pre and the left side was i took it to the sprint repair place and came back after an hour and they told me they just tightened it...and now no more clicking and the slider feels much stronger

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    That has been one of my concerns. Moving parts on a phone (or most anything) are weak links!
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    I know this isnt a solution and prob wont help but you should take it to the sprint store because i can assure you its just off track. The same thing happened to me and my friend dropped it in the open position and it would not closed. Oddly enough I dropped it again that same night due to it being int the open position on my hip clip and viola it magically got back on track and hasnt had the issue since. I am by no means suggesting that you drop it again but instead reassuriong you that it is just off track and is repairable.

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