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    Okay so I know and understand the risks involved with third party software and if it is done incorrectly it can severely "brick" your Pre.

    Now onto more important matters, Number one. I need to run the WebOS Doctor on my Pre, But my phone will not connect to the program. For anything!

    Number two, and why I need to run the doctor program initially is because I themed my pre a couple different times, and the themes made themselves defaulted on a few of the buttons in the launcher... the status bar is all weird too, colored like it is themed. even the boot is from a theme.
    I used PreWare, I used it to remove them. But they wont come off. Now since my full resets I can not use any of the programs like webos doctor, or the quick install, or even the mighty jasons program fix it utility to aide me.

    Please help me precentral, your my only hope.
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    Number 1 - Is your Pre in Developer Mode? If not, type webos20090606 and enable it. If it is already in developer mode, do a full reset and then put it in developer mode again.

    Number 2 - Uninstall all themese before loading a new one. They do not overwrite well.
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    okay well in the mean time I got it to connect.. and i did the web os doctor provided by web os quick install... and I got the message...... so now I am downloading the one via palms website for sprint phones... so hopefully that one works.
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    it did not. I'm stuck, sprint store tomorrow morning.
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    I would say that you might want to download the WebOs Doctor through the WebOs quick install. That way you don't have to wait for the monster download each time.
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    if its just the theme that is severely messedup just download and install the default theme (.ipk file posted in the forums here) and just click the + button in WebOS QI and with install it that way....fixed mine when it got messed up.
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    Well I am using jason's tool thing to restore every goddamn file that is wrong... i swear I have hit this thing 10,000 times already every file.
    It says when i do the web os doctor at all for any one i use, that it cannot reset my phone...

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