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    ??? will you get a regular notification that you will have to swipe to delete saying that it didnt go through?
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    The text doesn't go black (stays dimmed) until it goes through. After a few moments a little yellow error symbol will show up next to the message. I don't recall if a separate notification in the actual notification area appears.
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    It usually puts a notification icon in the bottom and will have a yellow triangle symbol next to the text.
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    When you send the message, your text will appear in the bubble in the app. The text will appear gray until it is sent. If it does not send (due to connection or whatever means) then it will hang, after some time the bubble color will turn gray as well and display a yellow triangle to notify you that your message could not be sent.

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    The above is true if it doesn't leave your phone. However, there's no way of knowing for sure if the message makes it to the recipient. I've sent plenty of messages and asked "why didn't you reply yesterday?" only to hear "to what?"

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