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    So I was just wondering how cool it might be if webos could be used as a desktop os... if it would even be possible... i mean look at what has been done with it in the few months it has been out as a mobile os and so far.... windows did it the other way why couldnt palm go the backwards? Be really nice for like netbook or a full size notepad style laptop...

    Ill take all the yelling that I am sure will I will get about all the things lacking so far but all the things lacking so far I am sure could be done and i am sure the battery would last longer then running windows... (my ONLY and I stress ONLY envy of the mac is that it can run all day on one charge)
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    Google Desktop (not palm, obviously) is going to be based on web standards.. so similar..
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    Yes. But the UI wouldn't work well, because there aren't ideas of tabbing between fields, etc.
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    hmm... a tablet with webOS. that could work. I guess you could run the emulator for now, lol.
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    Ah, no, not really. Not in it's current incarnation. And in a different incarnation, we wouldn't be talking about the same OS, so still no. It isn't nearly functional enough. For example, you can't have 2 active windows open at a time. No good on a desktop. For a small tablet (MID), perhaps.

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