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    my last phone got dropped in the kids bath (this is why I now own a hoslter, and dont use my shirt pocket as much!).

    I had a load in the dryer running, so I put the phone in the vent (without the battery!!) and let the dryer cycle finish. Once it finished, I let the phone cool down, and then replaced the battery. Worked like a charm. The dryer wont get too hot to melt plastics, if you have a load already in there, the temp will start lower and then slowly increase until the dryer finishes. You may have some lint, but a can of air can help with that (if you put the phone in a bag, the moisture cant get completely out). You will likely run into other issues down the road, but at least you'll have your phone back in about an hour. Just start putting a few bucks aside, knowing you'll need to pay that deductible at some point when the board finally corrodes enough to cause issue.

    I would also suggest avoiding alcohol. There ARE special electronics cleaner sprays (autozone carries one for rotating electronics) that I would think would be OK, due to the kinds of plastics and materials found in automotive electronics.
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    dont know what to say!!! we are some nifty people. Kitty litter, rice, dam-rid, silicone, oven, and dryer whats next making a mount for the Vette mounting the Pre on top and then hit the open road?

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    Quote Originally Posted by powerbyte View Post
    Dammit Gfunk...what did you go and do that are one of the better advice givers on this know when crap works, and how to fix crap when it doesn't you gonna do that with a wet Pre?

    I'm giving you three for dropping the pre in water....2 for trying to multitask as a human (you got WebOS for a brain?!), and three for not knowing yourself what to do when your Pre gets wet, being that once again, you give some of the better advice around here...... more slap if you don't have TEP on your Pre....


    PS- Sorry about your phone.
    No, the fourth is for doing dishes!! Unless, of course, he's trying to keep the girl in the avatar happy...

    I agree about the contributions G has made, both to Precentral and Treocentral. I say we take up a collection for him, who's in?

    BTW, FWIW, my second Treo, the only phone I've "dunked", was lost much the same way; but instead of dishwater, it died while I was "shoulder talking" and taking a bowl of gumbo out of the microwave...
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    I hope it dries out in the rice and works.
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    im really sorry to hear that, and imma let you finish, but the iphone is the most waterproof phone of all time
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimhuff View Post
    Sorry no advice...I just wanted to say this makes me feel like the 1st time I saw "the agony of defeat."

    Love this pic and I can picture the horror as the Pre enters the water and getting a 7.2 from the Russian judge.

    As for your Pre imitating a submarine, sorry to hear that it happened. I would say w*t*f were you thinking putting your Pre above water but then I remember stepping on a roofing nail and was soaking my foot in a bucket, had my phone in my lap. Stood up and it went straight to the bottom...probably had the same look you did at that exact moment. Was also in the same boat where it was my only phone.

    I would say that no matter what happens, you might consider investing in a bluetooth headset and a holster, that way when your on the phone, it is protected in the holster and your hands are free and you can use it when driving, etc. Would probably put through a claim if it doesn't work and have them ship out a replacement in a day or two. You can always have them transfer over your service to an older phone for the interim as well.
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    My Pre almost dived into the potty. Poopy Pre averted. Sorry about Dishwater Pre, though it doubtless smells better then would Poopy Pre.
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    Is the deductible on the TEP $100? I thought it was for $50 if you're paying the $7 bucks a month. Sorry to hear about your incident. If you have the TEP it will cover the phone even though you've dropped it in the water. If you have an extended warranty, then water damage I don't believe is covered. Good luck with drying it out. The phone in rice or those silicon beads the best method from what I hear. Don't use alcohol as it's a liquid too and needs time to evaporate, however can leave residue.
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    @bobwonderful...all smartphone with Sprint are $100 dollar deductible now...dumbphones are still $50.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic View Post
    Damit! I was talking on my Pre while washing some dishes and all of sudden the Pre pops out of my hand and splashes into the sink full of water!!!!!!!! ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I pulled the Pre out of it swim within a few seconds but the screen immediately began to flicker and distort! I removed the battery and set aside the phone to try.... this stinks because I really need my phone right now. I have sprint's TEP but really don't want to spend the $100 deductible right now. Any suggestions on what I should do to perhaps bring my Pre back from the dead? How long should I let the Pre dry before I try inserting the battery again? Would a hair dryer be a good way to try to dry out the circuits? Any suggestions would be appreciated...
    I feel the pain. I only had the experience with an old dumb phone. Simply took out the battery and let it sit. Rice sounds like a low risk thing to try, alcohol sounds risky, other things depends how much you think the risk is. It's good that you have TEP, at least you have an option, however painful it is.

    Good luck.
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    Good thing you weren't sitting on the toilet...
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    The rice thing does sound great, when you get your phone back up, please get a bluetooth, I know its somewhat dead technology, but no matter what i do over water, my phone is always on a table, and i always have the bluetooth on.
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    i would just get a new phone, even if you can revive it i doubt it will be 100% and to spend all that time waiting and then if it doesn't work you will have to wait some more till they ship you another one. i feel for you my first cell phone almost died in a washer machine but saved it but it was never the same, the screen was messed up and half the buttons didn't work. Good luck!!! Be careful next time!
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    So , you got it back ?
    Did the rice trick work ?
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    My pre took a swim as well.

    I removed the battery, hit it with a blow dryer, set it on a towel covered it with rice wrapped it and placed it under a heating lamp for about 12 hours then let it set in fresh rice for 12hours... had to use my backup battery but it works good as new.
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    My daughter dropped her iPhone in water a few months back. I propped it against a dehumidifier where the fan blows out. I did this for 2 days. It powered back up and is still working today. Hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kbritt31 View Post
    im really sorry to hear that, and imma let you finish, but the iphone is the most waterproof phone of all time
    That's pretty funny
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    Quote Originally Posted by percyg77 View Post
    @bobwonderful...all smartphone with Sprint are $100 dollar deductible now...dumbphones are still $50.
    Crap.. Verizon's TEP was $50 for my Centro.
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    I can't wait to hear what happens! Best of luck to you!
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    Why in the world would you be talking on your Pre while doing the dishes?

    The best way you could've done it is by putting it on speaker phone so you can talk and keep the Pre in a safe spot near you where it wouldn't slip out between your ear and shoulder.
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