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    Has anyone got Docs2Go to work for anything? I had Dataviz on WinMo and my PalmOS phones, and they usually worked really well for me. For whatever reason, every time I try to use it for something, it craps out on me.. For instance:

    PowerPoint email I got the other day. Grey spinning wheel of death. Tried to load it three times, let it try to open at least 10 minutes each time. No dice. The last time I let it try in the background while doing other stuff, probably 30 minutes, and it never loaded.

    Word: Wow. Dunno where to start with this one. I have 4 work files that I review REGULARLY at work. PalmOS and WinMo never had a problem with them, and having them on my phone was a LIFE SAVER, rather than carrying a backpack full of papers just to do my job (already have too much stuff to carry around as it is)! The main file is about 3mb. It will open, and load the whole file, but it won't show me anything past what would be half way across the screen on a normal computer. Convenient, cause it cuts off the important info I need in some of the tables. Putting the word app in "Wide View" makes the word document only read a few pages down, than it won't scroll any farther, again stopping right before my most commonly used table.

    The spreadsheet with names and numbers for my company will load, but its all con-jangled and mixed up.

    Argh!! I was planning on buying the "editable" version (Can't believe this isn't in the OS to begin with, that REALLY angers me and I know its not Palms fault) but if the App doesn't work to begin with, what reason do I have to think a paid version will work any better? Is the paid version supposed to support more formats, or maybe DataViz hasn't been releasing updates in order to "force" people to pay for a working version? Or are my files just a random string of bad luck and everyone else isn't having any problems?
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    No one else has problems with Docs2Go?
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    I think it is called Doc View. It works great for me but only allows me to view files.

    I have DocsToGo 9.0 running great on classic. That's what I use for editing.

    That being said, I have recently started playing with Goodle Docs Mobile and find it looks and works quite well on the Pre.

    I really hope that someone comes up with editors that can sync with Google Docs. I think that will be the ultimate solution.
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    I have had some issues too. It's buggy. In fact, I just visited the Doctor last night to fix the fact that DocView crashed my Pre every time I closed it. Every single time. The Doctor fixed it. No more crashes. So I speculate it was something to do with my root access activities--not sure which of them (perhaps changing the permissions on /media/internal to allow me to SFTP to it?) it was, but something was definitely not working right.

    Assuming the various different resets don't fix it, you might consider trying the Doctor.
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    I've had the same problem with DocView - it doesn't show the entire width of the document in normal view. Switching to Wide View only shows the entire width for the top half of the first page, and vertical scrolling doesn't work. No tweaks enabled on my phone. Why risk paying for the full version if Dataviz can't get simple viewing to work?
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    I've read about other people have problems with Doc View (partial views, no powerpoint), but I haven't experienced any problems. I have several multiple-page Word documents and a couple of powerpoint files. They open and display without problems.

    But I'm hoping that DocstoGo shows up soon. I want the edit features.
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    If you don't mind some of your documents living in the cloud then I found that google docs works great on the pre. I have a shortcut on my launcher directly to it.
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    I'm experiencing the spinning wheel also for any powerpoint presentations i receive in email that are 1MB or larger. I've had absolutely no luck opening any of them. Pathetic

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