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    Now that the app store will be out of beta soon I was wondering what apps are you planning on buying. Here is my list.

    1. Financial app
    2. A video/audio player combo ie VLC

    I was going to buy docs2go but using google docs/spreadsheet via browser makes that redundant. Hopefully palm continue to update the PIM functions on the pre. It would be crazy to buy a 3rd party app for that
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    How can we say what apps we plan to buy if they haven't come out yet?
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    SplashID if they provide an online backup solution
    Docs2Go Editing Version
    Palm Backup to Computer software
    Profile Manager (if a free one doesnt pop up soon)
    SplashMoney (if it intergrates with and can sync across two Pre's)
    Device lock (that locks user-selected folders and files)
    An RSS Feed Reader (depends on what happens to Feeds from Homebrew)
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    one that lets me chat on FB
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    Quote Originally Posted by calsccr9 View Post
    How can we say what apps we plan to buy if they haven't come out yet?
    I'm sure the pre will have apps similar to other phones.
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    Just hoping there's apps worth buying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zachz View Post
    one that lets me chat on FB
    i can chat on facebook now just go to the standard facebook not the mobile one and you too can chat
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    will there be a geocacheing app if so i will buy that
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    With a device like this I am sure no one will NEED to buy any apps. I am sure an alternative that is free will come out or every app that is a pay version.
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    Other than DocsToGo and SplashID (really should be part of the OS), hard to see what at the moment.

    I think the most useful apps today are online services, and clients for those are usually free. RTM would be great, but you subscribe to the service.

    In the past I bought PocketQuicken but now I'd expect a connected client, and then it's between me and the online service.

    Some client that aggregates services might be something to charge for. I think Palm correctly named this platform webOS.
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    A MIDI sequencer
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    Voice Dialing and Visual Voice Mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I just want cuberunner!
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    a calendar that WORKS quickly like the Palm OS !!
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    I'd consider buying Logmein if it wasn't free.
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    I hope that there is SlingPlayer app to purchase.
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    The way these app phones work then its so easy to spend a buck or two and before you know it you've put $100 into a proprietary platform. Its one of the reasons I'm still married to my iphone and I'd hate for it to happen with the pre or android also. So I'm going to be much more careful on app buying until I'm convinced I'll be with palm for the long run.
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    1. Audible
    2. XM or Sirius Radio
    3. A good Casino game: (i.e. Craps, Texas Hold Em, and Craps again) Love Craps.
    4. Travel app: (Zagat, Flight track Pro)
    5. Fantasy Football: One that allows you to choose multiple accounts. (Yahoo, ESPN, ect. ect.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcyphermd View Post
    a calendar that WORKS quickly like the Palm OS !!

    i REALLY miss the "week-at-a-glance" view (where I can actually READ the info & not see just a colored block).
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    1. DocsToGo
    2. SplashSuite (maybe)
    3. a good ebook reader if available (the only reason I'm still holding on to my PalmTX!)
    4. Brainstorming/outlining software if available

    I spent a few hundred dollars easy on PalmOS software (though over a five year period), I'm sure I'll end up spending a few hundred more on WebOS software .
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