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    hope there's a drummachine app like beatmaker on the iphone
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    I don't plan on going nuts with buying random stupid apps for the Pre, but I figure if there's a really awesome app here or there, I'd be happy to shell out the money for it. Most other stupid apps I expect to be free. I remember there was some study awhile back that showed 99.9% of apps downloaded from the iphone app store were unused after the first time they were downloaded and the percentage was actually even WORSE for paid apps. I would expect that if u paid money for an app you'd actually use it more than once, but I guess iphone users aren't too bright.
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    Shazam ( or song identify app)
    Cube runner
    Facebook ( I know its coming but damn)
    I wish there was a app that would count how many texts I send or receive a month. I have unlimited I'm just curious

    some sort of app that ties into my zune account and leaves me reminders of songs to download
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    Quote Originally Posted by TwizteD25 View Post
    With a device like this I am sure no one will NEED to buy any apps. I am sure an alternative that is free will come out or every app that is a pay version.
    With homebrew really having gained popularity because of the too early release of web os. I agree w/you here
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    1: Audible
    2: Podcast Player
    3: Financial app
    4: RSS Reader
    5: SplashID
    6: Delivery Package Tracking
    7: Amazon
    8: eBay
    9: Good ebook reader (Stanza quality)
    10: zLauncher like app to custmoize themes
    Oh I guess one Sudoku game of EA Sudoku quality app would be there for any time waster.
    Give me that and I'm all set.
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