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    I just noticed today I don't get the a sound alert when I plug in my charger or when I get an e-mail, the screen also does not light up for my e-mail notification.

    I know some people were annoyed by these particular sound alerts, but I didn't mind them and would like them back.

    I still get the sound alert for a text message.

    I had used WebOS Quick Install v2.03 to do some tweaks but removed them all last week in preparation for the 1.2 update.

    The tweaks I did have applied were:

    Add/delete launcher pages
    4x4 icons on launcher page
    Hide Nascar application
    Hide NFL application
    Email working in landscape (removed this shortly after getting blank cards e-mail)
    Call duration in call log
    Spoof iPhone user agent
    Add stylish analog clock
    Squarify the screen
    Battery % in top header

    Have any of these been known to affect the sound?

    I did have the Homebrew "My Notifications" installed, but I never used it so I deleted it.

    I have not used the newer version of WebOS Quick Install at all.

    Any ideas?


    Apparently the charging alert comes on only when I plug into the wall and not the computer.

    And I finally found the setting for the e-mail alerts... DOH!
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    Have you rebooted?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Have you rebooted?
    First thing I tried.

    And no, that did not take care of it.

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