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    Let me start by saying that I bought a Zagg full body shield for my Pre shortly after purchasing it.

    I am peeling it off to send in for warranty as some of the corners started to lift, plus the phone is getting replaced, but the cover needs warranty in any case.

    With that said, what is everyone's thoughts on these shields? Do the screens really get scratched without them? At first I didn't like the shield that much, but figured, hey, if it protects the phone, I can live with it. I just pulled the shield off and I have to say, I now kind of miss it. The phone feels slippery without and it seems to smudge a lot. I pulled it off because I wanted to see if it was the problem with my proximaty sensor, but it doesn't seem it was.

    I am getting a new Zagg via warranty, but should I look at a different type, leave it off or replace with the Zagg. What are people's thoughts???

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    I would definitely recommend a screen protector. I have a Zagg InvisiShield and its pretty nice. I also heard alot of great things about Phantom Skinz.
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    In general they are well worth it, but I don't like Zagg's at all. We tried that on my wife's Instinct, and it's too thick and orange-peely, and it makes dragging fingers and such hard. I got the Phantom Skinz for my Pre, and it's much thinner and smoother, and has stuck down very well.

    I also thought that the phone was too slippery and easy to smudge without the skin, and the Phantom Skinz adds just enough grip. I'd recommend you try that over the Zagg, but that's just my preference. Some people like the thicker ones better.
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    I just replaced my Pre and Zagg under warranty. The first Zagg I got at Best Buy and they charged $8.00 to install. It looked and felt great. One month later the gesture area on the Pre frozen and had to be replaced. I had registered with Zagg when I bought the protector, so i went back to and requested a warrnty replacement. They charge 3.95 for shipping and will bill your cedit card 14.95 if you don't return the old one within 25 days.

    I went over to Best Buy yesterday when the Zagg arrived and they installed it free.

    Gave her a $5 tip anyway
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    I am using the Boxwave in conjunction with the Palm slip case. IMO the spray/squeegee ones are too grippy and I never get satisfactory results with them. I like how the Boxwave keeps the slick feel and it's a breeze to install.
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    I too have a Zagg, and had to replace the first one. Now the second one is beginning to lift up at the edges. Plus, it has several nicks on the main area (I dropped it on pavement once, but there are probably a dozen or so gouges from other things).

    When I look at the nasty looking corners, I want to peel it off. Then I look at the gouges, and think "tha would be my screen if I didn't have the protector"; so I'm inclined to keep it. I'm still undecided whether or not to try a Zagg again, or just write off the bad corners to experience, and go with something else.

    I also can't help but wonder if the screen protectors are also helping with the problem with cracks from the button hole and USB hole...

    To be totally fair to Zagg, they replaced my first with no problems, and would likely do the same on this... I just haven't decided if that's the route I want to go.
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    I'm using the mirror screen civer by superfitters. Its super cool. Only downside is direct sunlight its difficult to read. Also, one side of the cover peels up a bit when the phone gets hot ie touchstone chargering
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    Well, having taken the zagg off, I will say the phone does feel slippery and smudges easily without the case, but I do love how smooth the screen feels. I am also realizing how nice it was not worrying about scratches with the zagg. I am hoping the new zagg arrives when the new phone does, so i can get it on asap.

    I'm also going to have to research some of these that were recommended, they sound good as well.

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