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    im on my 5th pre since launch
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    So I am absolutely hooked on WebOS! The fact that my life is handled in a few quick swipes! The multiples cards! Palm synergy. I picked up an iphone recently and wondered where was my guesture area and why my friend couldn't stop playing his game to get that number i needed from him. And I know this is the phone for me.

    With that said!! Why is this going to be my 5th pre!?!? Is this normal. Is anyone else on such a crazy number!!? I feel like taking my pre to a sprint store, calling sprint, call palm, has become a full time job.
    Pre 1 - had a dead pixel area (Which was fine) but then the speaker stopped working
    pre 2- replacement to pre 1 power-cycled on and off immedately after getting it
    pre 3- probably the most beautiful of them all had an accident. no fault to palm
    pre 4- has another dead pixel quite smaller than the first. (which is fine) however my lock screen button does not work anymore. every-time i press it it subsequently prompts me to turn the phone off, put it in airplane mode or cancel as if i were holding it down for the whole 8 seconds. after a while it gets quite annoying!! The button clicks just fine and doesn't seem to be a consistently depressed state. has this happened to anyone else? Is they a fix which might not involve me taking it into sprint yet aagain.

    I think its time that Palm made some WebOS adds stating that the software is only available for the crappy pre! Pre is definately no star here and i think people need to start acknowledging that. however i'll get that fifth one if i need to =(.
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    yeah i dont know man... i got my pre about 6-8 weeks ago. i was on here, reading about people getting 7-8 different pre's... my first one is fine. 1 stuck pixel, no other issues whatsoever. best phone ever.
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    I'm going to be on my third.
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    Still on my first going, no troubles.
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    On my first (purchased aug. 5th) with no problems.
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    Palm Vx > Treo 650 > Centro > G1 > Pre > BlackBerry 9700
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lito305 View Post
    yea sure you have... I have washed my pre in my shorts with laundry and it died completely so how did you drop yours in the sink full of water and its still working???????

    And people aren't doing anything to their pre. its called poor build quality.

    maybe you got lucky like some others and got a really good build thats all...
    Dropping a phone, (or nearly any electronic device in water,) is not that big of a deal. Remove battery, allow phone to air-dry for 24 hours, then put in a bag of rice for another 24-48 hours. There's a very high likelihood that the phone will work fine.

    You, *somehow* put your phone in the washer. Which beats the snot out of anything you put in there. Congratulations, you win.
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    I am now on my 99th Pre. Tomorrow will make 100.
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    I waited to purchase mine until after build quality started improving (7/29 manufacture). Loved everything about it, until camera stopped working, 45 days after purchase.

    Sprint attempted to replace with a refurb that had terrible build quality (HUGE gap on the sides.) Unfortunately, you cannot check the build/refurb date until it's activated. I refused that one, manager went to find another one.

    2nd one looked better, so I said yes. Build date was 5/22, which was probably the very first batch. Keyboard stopped working within an hour. Went back, asked them to locate my original phone, which they did. (At least everything but the camera works.)

    Waiting for another one to arrive now. Sprint store manager is helpful, but says he can't replace with a new one. He also said I know more about this phone than he does. (Actually, I seem to know more about it than any of their employees, and this is a 'flagship store' in Los Angeles.)

    Palm hasn't been any help yet; they've confirmed it's a hardware issue. They say they only repair phones, they don't replace. (Tech didn't even offer their "advance replacement" program, the one with the huge deposit.)

    I have to agree that their current Refurbishment Service seems pretty shoddy! However, I still love this phone, and will keep the faith!!
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    If you keep calling Sprint they will definitely send you a new phone. You just have to get the right rep, or escalate to their manager.
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    About to go pick up my 3rd Pre. The 2nd one they gave me that replaced my original is such a complete POS that I can't believe it was released back out.

    1. Very loose slider
    2. Gap large enough to see the circuitry inside the phone
    3. Phone randomly going into "Offline" mode
    4. Phone randomly going into "Airplane" mode
    4. Headphone jack not completely connecting -- only get sound from one side part of the time.
    5. Email not connecting/sending
    6. While listening to music, song would randomly stop/skip. I believe this is due to the loose slider and some of the connections inside being moved around.

    I am becoming increasingly disappointed and frustrated. I'm really trying to give this phone a chance as I don't have a choice but to keep it for the time being. That's the only reason why Palm still has me as a customer at this point.
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