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    Am I an *****? Has this been posted, because I have searched?

    Are there really only 12 bookmarks that show when you open the browser?

    I know that all of them can be accessed by tapping the upper left corner "WEB" icon and then tapping "bookmarks", but why do they only list 12 of them when opening the browser initially? Weird news bears.
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    No. What you're seeing is basically 12 recently added bookmarks in that list.. If you click on the top left of the browser application, you will see a bookmarks option that you can click on where you'll see ALL of your bookmarks.
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    Will someone please create a "tweak" to add pages in the bookmarks section? That would be so awesome to be able to just swipe to the left and have another full page of bookmarks. Just a thought.
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    True for rubop.
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    I'd be happy to just have the list. I don't need the real estate hogging pictures.

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