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    The other day I got out of my truck at the jobsite and missed my pocket with my pre. It dropped a few feet and landed on a compacted dirt road. It was not a hard hit at all. I looked for damage, but didn't see anything. I checked the weather and then closed the slider. Closing the slider caused the screen to momentarily have a "black snowy" pattern, and then the phone shut off completely. I tried hitting the power button numerous times. I even pulled the battery a few times. I thought that it was bricked for sure. I remember the hold the volume button up trick from reading the forums. Surprisingly, it booted up just fine after doing this.

    I left the phone in the truck for an hour or two, and then went back to check the weather again. It was off again and would not respond to just the power button. I held the volume up button and powered it on again. I tried shutting the slider a few times and even bumped the phone with my hand a few times to simulate a shock, but it never did shut off.

    It has been 3 days now, and it has been working perfectly. I don't know why it powered off those 2 times, but it seems to be fixed. Although, I won't be surprised if it takes a dump on me. I am glad that I have insurance. I definitely need to look at a case to protect it from drops.
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    i had a similar thing happen with mine.. i think webos can fix its self.. lol

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