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    Hello all,

    Just recently noticed that my pre won't stream any videos? For example if I go to youtube to watch a video nothing happens. It used to ask me if I wanted to stream it or download it to my phone, but now it does nothing? I have a done a couple of the tweaks form webos quick install, but the downloading in web browser is giving me an error code when I try to apply it? IS anyone else having this issue? And any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated....

    Thanks in advance.......
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    Wow, mine never gave me the option to download....
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    neither did mine.
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    Webos quickinstall in web.........
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    The Pre can't stream youtube within the web browser, it requires flash. Hopefully mobile adobe flash which is due in October will allow it.
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    use the youtube app and do a search for what you are looking for, they have almost everything avail.

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