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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    I agree with this entirely. Transferring over Wifi with WinSCP is ridiculously slow as well, so it seems just that the flash memory is subpar.
    The max transfer speed over wifi, under the best of conditions, is not going to top 2MB/s, so it doesn't mean too much. There should be some way to benchmark it though.

    Another indication of subpar SSD is the lack of virtual memory capability, as Nokia does with the N8xx/N900.
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    ...not to high jack this issue. but why are you guys giving the impression that solid state means faster? Most mid level IDE, PATA, or SATA disc drives have better seek times then top quality SSD... For booting the SSD's faster transfer rate is not going to matter at all it's going to get bottle necked by the seek times to actually find the data...

    The reset on slide issue as has already been stated has been a well known issue pretty much since release... replace you battery or put a shim in it...

    As for the slow boot times... stop comparing the Pre A PHONE to your old computers... unless you are running a Pentium 2 with the same era of ram and mobo or older your old computer is going to beat your Pre at everything including booting up...

    Comparing the Pre to other phones makes sense but pick phones with similar capability I.E. blackberry and iPhone... Blackberry is a few minutes slower, iPhone is about a minute faster. It's kind of annoying when you need to reset your phone but going off the competition it's annoying to wait 1-2 minutes for an iPhone to reboot also and it's really annoying to wait 5-10 minutes for a blackberry to reboot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cohens View Post
    Most mid level IDE, PATA, or SATA disc drives have better seek times then top quality SSD
    = I'm not going to bother reading the rest of your absolutely completely wrong post.
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    I just did a cold boot, and the Restart option avail. in 1.31 both clocked in at 2 mins 16 seconds.
    I would agree with the airplane mode: Your phone is off as far as 3g internet, wireless, and phone signal go. you can do everything else: apps (that don't use location services), videos (saved to phone), etc. I have no idea if theres a log in your phone... doubtful, but, that would take time and they would have to have your phone to do it... so....
    those are your options, wait for boot or airplane mode.

    Have you seen a faster boot in 1.31?
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