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    There are several posts on this that I have read. A few end up with app issues and a few end up with /var being over 67%. Wondering is anyone knows of another reason this error comes up installing from the app catalog. I reduced my /var to 63% by deleting apps that I installed just to check out and did not really use. The 207k app I tried to download still game me this message. I do have Preware installed and yes a bunch of HomeBrew apps (mighty nice collection of free stuff by the way... thanks to all the write these!)

    Want to avoid the old start over and see where it breaks method so anyone that has managed to over come this that can share their procedure please do.

    thanks !
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    Mine is at 43% and it does not work. It is a 50 app/service limitation. Catalog apps need to come first, then preware. Hopefully, the limit will be removed Thursday though.
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    I have posted an in depth guide to "clarify" memory limits.... found.. here:
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    Thanks for the great info. That explains it nicely. I reduced the number of installed apps to 49 and was able to install one then got the error on the second. Well.... guess I will wait until Thursday to see if this is fix. Otherwise forget the App Store and it's all about PreWare.

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