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    So Active Sync takes care of the e-mail, contacts etc backup. What about the rest of the phone. i.e. installed apps etc. My Treo 750p was handled by syncing with the desktop once in a while so if I got a new phone just had to do a quick sync and I am back in business. How to you accomplish this type of backup with the Pre? I see that there is an App called Backup and it claims that it has backed up my data. Exactly what is that app backing up? I look at the app and there is no restore function so how do you restore what ever it is backing up? I used to use a backup to card util but that is useless with the card now being part of the phone.

    Right now it seems like the recovery procedure is to set it up from scratch which does not sound appealing.

    Any guidance is appreciated.

    thanks !
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    Backup backs up your Palm Profile, which includes all of your contacts, email, synergy data, and info on installed apps from the Palm Catalog. Anything you install from the official app-catalog is "known" to your Palm profile, so if you hard-reset your phone, and sign back into your profile, they'll all be reinstalled automatically. Presumably, data from those apps can also be synced to the cloud, if they are synergy-aware (depending on what type of app they are). Homebrew apps must be reinstalled manually, but homebrew apps are all free anyway (or under a private license agreement between you and the developer in which case you'll have some other way of getting it back).
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    thanks for the reply. That makes sense. Just figured I would ask so I know for when the enevitable occurs and I either break it or need to hard reset it.

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