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    Syncing With Pre , Is a Palm Foleo redone with WebOS and ARM 2 Cortex A-9 MPC core, a good choice?

    To work with?

    ARM announces Atom killer, goes for Intel's jugular

    ARM announces Atom killer, goes for Intel's jugular - Bright Side Of News*

    “With very little R&D the Foleo's basis design could be updated with Palm's webOS, the Cortex-A9 MP CPU, 1080P graphics, and the Pixel Qi screens which use ½ to ¼ the power of conventional screens yet give higher resolution. Clearly ARM's Cortex-A9 MP processors will change roadmaps for some designers of netbook – minilaptop. “

    ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore

    I really want a Palm netbook to work with Pre. Nokia has done it with their own brand ,Windows software and are launching it in October 2009, and phone carriers are selling netbooks with plans, not only in the USA.

    Wow It would great to have one

    Would you like one?

    What features would like on it?

    Mine: Full multi-touch screen and yours?
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    Doubtful, especially if you listen to the Rubenstein interview on the Engadget Show. The reason he mentions it was canceled is because it was detracting from their core smartphone business - it was causing everything to become unfocused. I don't see him changing his mind on this anytime soon.
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    I dont think palm has the manpower to push out the foleo at this time...smartphones and netbook/tablets are tough markets to crack especially simultaneously...even apple hasnt done it yet
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    Yeah, I know all cash Palm might has ritght now is for get succes focus on Pre and Pixi.

    But sometime when this first targets are overpassed, would be a good idea to reconsider this one.

    I hope

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