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I work in the telecommunications field, doing installation and repair. This puts me in constant contact with the general public, both in the residential and business sectors. I had no idea how much impact my Pre would have on them.

I have already converted both my direct supervisor and District Manager over to the Pre, as they were ready to go to the iPhone, being that Embarq cell phones will no longer work at the end of the month. One look at the Pre during a meeting last month and BAM.....2 more Pre users. I am not however counting them in the 10 that I have converted from the iPhone.

I was at a customer's house who also happens to be a small business owner with 4 iPhones on an AT&T account. I was having a conversation with them about their Embarq lines, and a situation at home came up, causing my wife to text me. I was able to show the customer how seamlessly the Pre was able to jog back and forth between text and web browsing, and how it handled multitasking in general. I was using my virtual keyboard at the time, and when I slid open the keyboard, I swear to God, both the husband and wife made a sound like they were going to faint. Finally I laid on the AnyMobile plan information, and they were done....hook, line and sinker!

By the time I had finished at their house, they had already ordered 4 new Pre's through telesales, and were on their way to cancelling their iPhones. Hopefully that works out for them.

Those four lines of service make 10 referrals for me, and I wonder what that means in terms of money back from Sprint. Guess I'll have to wait for next month's bill. Even if it isn't all that much, I am glad that I am doing my part to stomp down the iPhone, and AT&T.

If everyone on this board got 5 of their friends to pick up a Pre, can you imagine what kind of tidal wave we could start!?

Let's go boys and girls. STOMP DOWN AT&T.......

Welcome to the CuLt Of PrEsOnAlItY
Man, you are "evil", iPhone would want to hunt you down.

Seriously, good work. I am glad more people get Pre. It means more reasons for Palm to improve WebOS and more reasons for iPhone also improve. It will a long way before Pre will become iPhone, but let the truth out.