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    Just bought the Sony BT2700 car cd deck with bluetooth built-in from Best Buy. I was able to stream audio to my car with my previous phone but the setup was messy. I used a car adapter which had to locate certain fm/am stations to work. Now with my Sony its seamless. Not only can it play music but I can answer calls via the cd deck. Really cool feature especially since I didn't care too much for bluetooth headsets. Palm pre with Accuradio and the car cd system is awesome. The BT2700 costs $150. No additional kits required. There is also a higher end version that enables you to store your address book in your car stereo system.
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    I'm doing a homebrew solution. I have a cassette/CD deck in my WRX, so I use a cassette adapter from my Pre to the radio. Works great now that I invested in a vent-holder for the Pre. Gotta love zipping down the road, listening to Music Player (Remix), receiving a call, having Sprint Navigation give me directions, and having it all work without a hitch.

    I'll get BT with my next car, but, for now, this solution is cheap and reliable.
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    Is 150 the cost including installation, if so I think that is a really good price.
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    no, it doesn't include installation, but it's not a hard job if you're handy with tools.
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    installing a headunit is really not that hard at all...most cars, the frame just pops off and you can replace the headunit by unscrewing the old one and just swapping them...but you have to make sure you have the right kit for your car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dashauns View Post
    Is 150 the cost including installation, if so I think that is a really good price.
    nope. $70 for install.
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    how does the pre do on battery life while streaming audio via bluetooth, i want to do this too!
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    Nice, I was looking at that unit.

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