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    Is there a way to have Spring Navigation come up instead of Google Maps when I click on an address? I have looked all over and cannot find the answer. Thanks for the help!
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    The answer to the question you actually asked is "yes, of course there is." I say that because the Pre run on linux and is very open to development. If you're adequately clever, I'm sure it's technically possible to figure out enough of the undocumented APIs in Sprint Nav and set up some sort of hack that will make it work.

    The answer to the question you probably wanted answered is, "no, not even close." AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $nobody$ $has$ $figured$ $this$ $out$ $yet$, $and$ $it$'$s$ $certainly$ $not$ $something$ $the$ $average$ $user$ $is$ $going$ $to$ $figure$ $out$ $on$ $their$ $own$. $Also$, $it$'$s$ $not$ $high$ $on$ $a$ $lot$ $of$ $people$'$s$ $lists$ $of$ $things$ $to$ $work$ $on$, $so$ $unless$ $sprint$ $decides$ $to$ $add$ $that$ $feature$, $it$ $probably$ $won$'$t$ $ever$ $happen$.

    On a related note, anybody would could change it so an option box popped up when clicking an address to go to your choice of google maps or sprint nav would become my new hero.
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    This is probably the feature I'd most want on my Pre - I never use Google Maps, and would love to map calendar items to Sprint Nav.
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