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    I agree, only a few minor problems but now its my right hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tayl428 View Post
    It seems that many people have time to complain about the problems with the Pre, but I don't see too many people posting why they love it. Now that I have had 2 months with it around Indianapolis, I can't imagine how I 'lived' without it. Coming from 3 yrs of Treo 650 and Treocentral, (yes, I loved the 650...), and a month with the 'other' phone (Eyephone), the Pre is a part of my life now. The Pre syncs my email, my calendar, my contacts, my Facebook contacts, etc, to where I constantly have updated information in my phone. The morning alarm where I can wake up to one of my MP3's is great, even if I forget and turn on the mute switch! I constantly use the GPS for driving directions, for no extra money monthly mind you like the 'other' phone. I love just beginning to type in something I want, either app, or local business, or Google search, and being able to search either the phone apps, or Google, or Google Maps, etc. I love checking email on one card, while using GPS on another card, while looking up an address on another, and whoops, there's a phone call. I can answer the phone, talk, and hang up without losing where I was since the cards are still open. Fantastic!

    And one of the best parts is that I save substantial money over the 'other' phone for what I feel is a superior device. YMMV

    No device is going to be perfect, much like no person is perfect, but the Pre is a wonderful companion to my life.... I think I'll get rid of the girlfriend.
    dude you hit the nail on the head wit that message. I don't think I've ever loved anything so much, if ppl only knw all the things we can di wit these phs, if my wife asked me to choose, she b the one to go notmy PRE
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preman View Post
    Oh please dude, I have the pre and the 32 BIG GB Iphone 3gs and I multitasking with EASE! Yes, I do have to spen a few minutes to jailbrake it but once done there is now an app that allows you to double tap the home button and a window pops up with ALL the apps I wanted to stay open. I simply tap on one and it opens. I can switch apps at a BLINK OF AN EYE. Ilike it much better than the pre because the 3gSpeed is so bloody FAST and does not slow down at all.

    I listen to pandora while doing something else INCLUDING gps which I payed only $59.00 and I now own it AND I DONT need to be online to use it!

    So the pre really does not have the multitasking to brag anymore.
    I was going to stoop, but I wont. I'll just say: Let's not crap on an otherwise great thread. If you want to argue with me about my lack of support for the iphone, take it to PMs. But be sure to spell check.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordus View Post
    Except that if the Pre sent its request a millisecond before the iphone (when you pressed the buttons at the same time, one surely went first) then its request may have taken precedance and therefore beat out the iphone.

    Im by no means defending the iphone (hate apple), but its hard to make a truly scientific comparison given the variables in place, and the small differences in time.
    Agreed but in this case the iphone had a very minimal head start. and i still beat it.
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    Not sure how i managed without my Pre for so long. It is such a handy little device and we've only seen the beginning of what it can do.

    Btw i bought my Pre on launch day and have had zero problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hnharrison24 View Post
    I was going to stoop, but I wont. I'll just say: Let's not crap on an otherwise great thread. If you want to argue with me about my lack of support for the iphone, take it to PMs. But be sure to spell check.
    What your an english teacher? Its a FORUM for crying out loud! The heck with spell check. I wouldnt even bother pming you so take a hike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214 View Post
    Congratulations on finding a device that blends well with your lifestyle. Im glad it is working well for you.

    My concerns with this device involve significant numbers of people going through 4-5 replacements before finally being given one that works the way it is supposed to. First generation devices are always somewhat like gambling in that some will be winners while others are lemons.

    My treo 755 runs like a tank although the keyboard is getting a little slow. There is no light leakage, cracked screen issues, oreo effect. The signal is strong where the pre`s may be weaker or nonexistent. There is much to be said for retaining the strengths of the original calendar and memo applications as I depend on both on a daily basis. The pre`s calendar is very slow and its memo app is less sophisticated than the treo`s as well.

    I am dying for a new phone to upgrade to but i am waiting for palm to release a web os driven treo with a larger screen, stronger PIM apps and wifi. If they release one with those improvements then I will make the move. Until then, the treo 755 it remains.
    Actually I find that my Pre running Classic runs the PIM apps faster than my original Treo 700P.
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    So far, the pre is my best phone so far.
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    My Pre is/has been awsome. No problems to speak of... No terrible oreo, all functions work, restart it every so often... I'm looking forward to the few "bugs" being worked out.

    I held out with my 700p for almost 2 years in hopes the "new" Palm phone would come to be reality... I'm glad I waited. This phone does so much more than the Treo and has more potential than anything else out there.

    Oh, and F iTunes... don't use it, don't want it, don't need it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrHeathenScum View Post
    Oh, and F iTunes... don't use it, don't want it, don't need it.
    I completely agree... Let Apple keep their crap... I don't need it.

    I love my Pre... the only issues I've had have been my own fault and not paying attention when tweaking and such. I know there are bugs and some things to be worked out but really this phone has only been out for 3.5 months and developing quite quickly if you ask me.

    I'm very happy, I wouldn't take an iphone if it were given to me.
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