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    Hello Everyone!!!

    On the weekends, I visit a campground with my family. The service in the campground is not very good. I have completed the roam only hack and found that this improves things quite a bit. But here is my issue, in my area, sprint must have an agreement with US Cellular and Verizon. I find that in roaming, I will have 1 bar that dies down to 0 and then switches to Verizon who is full strength. However, it does not stay on VZW very long and switches back to US Cellular where the service is still fluctuating between 1 and no bars.

    My question is this, is there any way to modify some setting in the registry of the this device and tell it to ignore US Cellular? If not, does anyone have a suggestion? I dont have internet at the campground so I cannot use one of those in house cell towers...


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    Sorry , that is not really something CDMA allows you to do, unless you modify the PRL

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