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    Has anyone seen this? was palm able to recover it?


    It seems I had 3 bad reception Pre's in a row...
    Palm Corp Care sends me #4 from California...
    Saturday, switch DEC in sprint store...
    Palm profile Downloads 7 contacts out of 1100!!!
    ~also downloads:
    ~E-mail settings but no e-mail
    ~LOST all memos
    ~Wont sign in to google (contacts)
    ~wont sign in to facebook (contacts)
    ~Will display web pages
    ~WONT send and recieve E-mails
    ~AIM accounts not working in messaging app

    When you go back to the old phone all is the same, it was a know good device sans reception... has to be a corrupt palm profile

    1100 contacts!!!!!!! AHHHHH

    Has anyone had this happen and was palm able to recover it???
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