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    I occasionally I'm in an im conversation with friends and suddenly AIM will tell me that they're offline. Actually, it seems that *I* am the one who's offline despite having a strong wifi signal. Any messages they send during that offline time don't reach me and don't tell the sender that I'm offline at the moment. It also doesn't tell me that I missed anything when I sign back on. It's intermittent interruption and it's a pain.

    My guess is that this means instant messages don't have access to wifi (or vice versa) so if your Sprint signal sucks (which mine does at home and at a "coffee house") no wifi (or Airave) signal will help you reach your im buddies.

    Am I missing something here? I sure hope so... Or at least hope that Sprint or Palm decides to change this.

    It's a crappy way to have a conversation; you just end up pissing your friends off.
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    I can access IM on wifi when in airplane mode.

    Not sure what the issue is then.
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    Actually i've experienced this as well. Its because the wifi turns off when the phone goes to sleep and it switches to evdo and in the process logs you on and off aim. If you have a weak signal in your house like I do then it takes a bit more time to log back on. I just plug my phone in to prevent it from doin that or use the program nodoze which stops the phone from goin to sleep.

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