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    i hate when "tobacco" gets everywhere......what a waste!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LupeValenz View Post
    Dude...stop smoking! I didn't believe the stench of smoke can cling but it really can! I bought a book on eBay and wow..smoke stench is etched deep into the pages. As for the lens....errr, dunno, might try a q-tip and see if you can rub it out gently.
    Alil late brotha, problem solved.
    Sprint Palm Pre-
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    stop rolling j's on the back of your pre
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    I spent 45 minutes on chat with a Sprint rep trying to figure out how to deal with this.

    If you take the back off your pre, you'll see that the camera lens is covered with some sort of clear plastic window. I've got stuff (tobacco, prolly) in between those two surfaces. I would like to clean it out.

    30 minutes of our conversation dealt with how to wipe off that exterior cover to clean the camera lens. Yes, thanks, I get that, but it's BETWEEN the cover and the lens.

    I don't really want to go spelunking inside my phone to figure out how to get that cover off. And forum posts and general googling seem to point to the fact that I can't get it off without voiding my warranty.

    Anyone had the same experience? Any solutions? One of the many reasons I bought this Pre was because it was a decent camera phone. Can't take pictures because there's a huge leaf-fragment wedged in there.

    Thanks for any ideas.
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    Yes, there was someone last month that got tobaccy piece stuck inside.
    What's with you smokers and tobaccy in your phone? lol.
    I forgot what he did to get it out... canned air?
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    I'm in the pizza business, I'm around a lot of flour. I have flour inside my camera lens, much like you guys have the tobacco pieces.

    I don't understand why this area isn't totally sealed, since it can't be cleaned. My camera is basically useless now.
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    As best I can tell the lens cover / filter is integrated into the back panel and not sealed well...

    Thanks to

    lens cover.JPG
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    I have the EXACT same problem with the tobacco.. well, I use rolling tobacco
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    Me too here. Can't say it's tobacco. Don't know what it is. I usually keep the phone in my pocket...
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    don't feel bad i have this same problem although it is not blocking my camera so i can still use the camera. Two pieces of tobacco are inside my pre. I also just got a case so i will not have to worry about that anymore, but i am going to take it into a sprint store and ask them if they can remove it. I do not understand how tobacco can get inside something that is that sealed? To me this is a manufacturers defect. They should of sealed the camera with some kind of glue.
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    I was all set to post closeup images of the debris inside my lens, but I don't have ten posts yet. Anyway, have other people had this problem and had it fixed at a Sprint Store?
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    Just an update on this. I walked my phone over to the Sprint store on 14th St in Manhattan, and a tech quickly and deftly pried the phone apart, shot it with some compressed air, wiped down the lens and sent me back on my way! If anything sneaks in there again, I'll feel competent enough to tackle the problem on my own.
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    did the tech pry apart the lens from the phone? Did he have to unscrew anything? I've got dust and crap in the lens I'd like to clean up.
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    i still have this problem... maybe i'll rip my phone open tonight and see whats good
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    YAY! So all i had to do was remove the 6 screws on the back, pull of the back plate,and boom! the back plate has the clear cover connected to it so i could clean that then i took a qtip and cleaned the actual camera lens! now there is no more debris in there
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    OP: That sucks man... I'd recommend you be careful if you try to fix it yourself- people (myself included) often to stupid, rash things in an attempt to fix problems like this... trust me, I've made this mistake way to many times. I think the only way to fix this is to get a replacement. Yes, it's a pain, and yes, it might set you back, but if you try to fix it and do something wrong and damage your Pre, there's no way Sprint will give you a replacement. In it's current state, you've got a decent chance. Best of luck to you.

    PS: Guys, stop getting on his case for smoking... you're not convincing him, especially when you sound so preachy. I don't smoke and never will- I HATE tobacco with a passion- but I don't go bothering smokers. It's just annoying. Leave this guy alone.
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    Well hey i just got done unscrewing everything and all and cleaning the lens altough it was tricky i got most of thje dust away altough theirs always gonna be that 1 spec or 2 because im not working in sealed enviroment...phones on gonna test cam now
    works way better
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