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    I found some info on this through Googling, what happens is you'll be listening to music on the Pre, then at some point you unplug your headphones but the phone still thinks they're plugged in. The result is that when you make or receive calls you can't hear anybody, you have to put the phone on speaker. Restarting does not fix it. There was no definitive fix for this that I saw, a lot of people had to get replacements.

    What are my options to try to correct this without getting a replacement?

    BTW, the solution from post #550 in the bugs thread did not work. I'd link it but I don't have enough posts.
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    The problem occurs if you unplug the headphones while the screen is off. Make sure the screen is on when you unplug the headphones.

    To restore, make sure the screen is on. Start Pandora or some other audio source. Plug the phones in and while the screen remains on, unplug them. Try this several times until it works, as it eventually will.

    Good luck.
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    i have ran into this situation multiple times because i have my pc speakers plugged in all day while i listen to pandora, but i have found a much easier fix than plugggin/unplugging the headphones. if you start the music playing again and switch your silent switch ontop of the pre it will cycle the audio back on.

    hope this helps!
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    Yes, I just had to do some strange combination along the lines of have music playing on the headphones, switch to mute, stop the music, unplug the headphones, then test music on speaker and it worked.

    It could also be that one just needs to jiggle the headphones a bunch.

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