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    I'm trying to get a movie on my pre and am having lots of trouble. I was given some advise to download handbrake and I did. I'm having a hard time saving the movie to my computer. It comes out very scrambled and I don't know what to do. Can someone, ANYONE give me simple directions on how to put movies on my pre without having to pay for any software? I just need one movie on my phone because I have a 9 hour flight and want something to watch. PLEASE HELP!
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    Download Format Factory, its free.
    If you are trying to rip a movie from a dvd then you will need software from deep within the internet. I can't give it to you or even say I have a copy because its not exactly legal to copy protected dvd's. Look for DVDFAB 6 if you get the right copy it will rip any DVD protected or not. Try looking on megaload or Rapidshare but be sure you have a good antivirus software on your PC so you don't get a virus from downloaded files.. You can't trust everyone.
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    I go to Tools4movies dot com. There you will see a program called Catalyst. You can try a free version for a week. Once you dl it, there is a place to designate what you are going to put the movies on. You can choose Pre. Once the movie has been reformatted, transfer file to itunes and then sync. Works great for me. I've done 8 so far that way. Hope this helps. Don't forget the thanks
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    I was told that itunes is no longer available for the pre. Am I able to place it elsewhere other then itunes? I will "Thank you" as asson as I can get it done.

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    My Pre still works with iTunes, but that's because I never upgrade my iTunes when I get the prompt "a new version of iTunes is now available. Would you like to download it now?"

    So if you still have an old version of iTunes it should still work

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