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    Every time i receive or make a call, as soon as the screen goes black (during the call) ... i cant turn it back on. The only way i can turn it back on is if the person on the line hangs up. It doesn't even turn back on after that. I have to slide my keyboard up, and then it magically comes back on! This is VERY annoying. Has anyone had this problem? Or can anyone please help me out!
    Any tips?
    I would like to know if i can make the screen be on during the whole call so it doesn't turn off and i don't have to deal with it.
    Or if there is a way to hang up without touching the screen.
    idk some one please help me out.

    EDIT: I am relieved. I just found out that it is my screen protector that was blocking the proximity sensor. i can love this phone again!
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    lol too funny!!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I had a cheap screen protector that started to peel off near the proximity sensor and got lint in it causing the same problem.
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    ii had similar issue it started with phone screen flickering on & off after a call like I had han over prox sensor I had to hit centet buutton & close phone to hang ip. I just figured I had my hand in a bad place & kept doing it due to sensor. Well 5 days later after a cll I made the screen wouldn't come on till I pulled the batt or did soft (power & ringer slide) reset. I made 2nd call it did again. So I went to est buy to exchange. When I got there Iwas able to reproduce the issue over & over. Other than that the phone worked fine! They said they had never seen that issue & exchanged it!

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