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    OK, Im on my 3rd Pre now. Every single one has ended up having GPS issues. It either cant quite pin point me on the map or tells me that Im somewhere Im not. And this is in my car with a clear view of the sky.

    But the thing is, on every one of them, the GPS starts out good when I first start using my new Pre, but I've noticed once I actually start putting Apps on my phone & as more time goes by, the GPS become flaky as hell. So Im wondering if its something that we're doing to our phones that causing these issues.

    Basically, here is what I've done to all my Pres thats ended up with wonky GPS:

    -Put it into Dev Mode (and kept it there)
    -Gained Root access
    -Used with WebOSQuickInstall

    Homebrew Apps installed:

    -My Notification
    -Friends Flow

    Official Store Apps Installed


    Thats basically all I've done with every Pre I've had. So either the Pres GPS chip sucks, I have incredibly bad luck or its something Im doing.
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    Have you tried the GPS test in Device information app (tests are listed in the menu)?
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    Very interesting theory, as I have had problems with my GPS and have wondered if my homebrew apps caused problems with the GPS. I don't see how as the apps I have, most have no link with the GPS but anything is possible. I am very hesitant to take it back to Best Buy so their "techs" can look at it for &-10 days while I have to use a backup or a loaner from them for a $150 deposit! Not to mention facing the same problem you have of getting my like 5th Pre to see the same problem. This is the first Pre that I can remember having this much of an issue of not finding my location and when it does, the GPS is always weak. I hope Palm and Sprint are paying attention and the new update to Web OS will address this b4 I make a decision to take it in.
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    I've got most of those homebrew apps plus 20-30 more
    and my GPS works perfectly. There's virtually no chance
    this is tied to the number or type of homebrew apps.
    They either fetch data from GPS or not. None of them
    control or even influence how it functions.

    Some tips.
    Enable data roaming in phone prefs. I sometimes find it turned off
    for no good reason, and it helps when you're using GPS in and
    out of Sprint coverage.
    Fire up GPS and make sure it has a lock before you start rolling.
    Try the GPS test suggested above (again, before you start rolling).

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    Do you leave the Pre in Dev Mode all the time?? If so, try turning it off. I've noticed some strange signal issues with it on.

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