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    Just picked up an iTrip. It has a USB port on the car charger.

    My question is is is it okay to use this as a car charger for my Pre using the Pre usb cable? Want to make sure in case it doesn't and I screw something up major!

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    I'm not sure which iTrip you're referring to, but I have this one: Griffin iTrip Universal FM Transmitter and Charger for MP3 Players: Electronics

    It's official name is the Griffin iTrip Auto Universal.

    I've not used it to charge MY Pre, but people have used it to charge their touchstone in the car (check the thread in the Accessories forum), so I assume it's also ok to charge the Pre.

    I've always thought that USB charging was standardized anyways. (?)
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    I purchased a power inverter last weekend and it has a usb port as well as an AC receptable. Both of them worked wonderfully to charge our Pres.
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    I'm using a Griffin charger made for the iPhone to charge my Pre so yours should be ok as well.
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    Awesome guys thanks for all your help!!!

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