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    I put my Pre on the TS last night, and when I got up this morning it was turned off. I pressed the power button and it didn't immediately start up, so I did an orange+Sym+R and still nothing. AAARRRGGGG! Is my Pre a brick?

    I started to take the battery cover off so I could pull the battery for a few seconds when I notice that it said "palm" on the screen. Whew! Relief!

    After a normal startup everything has been OK today.

    Has anyone else had their Pre shut itself off on the TS?
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    I don't think this is a TS issue.

    It's been happening to my phone too and I don't even have a TS.
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    My wifes pre started doing the same thing and eventually it escalated into the side switch not turning it back on at all. Not 100% sure if the 2 symptoms were related but we had to take it back to a repair center and the phone was replaced.

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