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    I have had my pre now for about 2 and a half months maybe a bit more, when i first got it the battery was horried... it wouldnt last till 3oclock after taking it off the charger at 6am. That was with normal use, a few phone calls,texting, email, and espn to check up on some scores... I then changed all my settings to be more battery savey... it was still about the same. For some reason over time i have noticed it has been lasting longer and longer??? Took it off the charger today a 7am and being a sat. i have used it more than normal and i still have 43% at 1130pm. anyone else notice this... i am a bit partial to htc stuff and wm but after having my pre for a while now i would never change back... with the new themes from web os install my pre is increadible and just how i want it, the only thing i need now is to be able to create documents and edit them, not just open and read them, that is my only hope and im sure it will come soon!
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    my battery lasts from 730am to 10pm. I'm a teenager, so all I do is mess with my phone in school from 9 to 4.

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