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    I got my Pre at the end of June, switched over from Verizon to Sprint for it and everything...

    i LOVED it. Had nothing but wonderful things to say about it for a while, but
    I'm beginning to think that the first couple of months with the phone were just the honeymoon period because it's turning into a total piece of crap.

    Within the last week, here's all the problems I've encountered (and no the phone has not been dropped, dunked in water, or damaged in any way):

    -Random shutting off/on
    -Keyboard totally dead
    -Texts disappearing if I don't check them immediately when I get the notification
    -Today I was on the phone with a friend and suddenly the phone started vibrating/ringing as if I had an incoming call, but I didn't. It's like it was possessed! I had to shut it down to get it to stop.

    I have been a loyal Palm user for years now, and I am sad to say I am disappointed for the first time.

    I wonder if they are going to fix all these issues... Or maybe I just got a lemon.

    *sigh* Anyone else having the same problems?
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    It's a computer, and they all get flaky from time to time. If a regular reset doesn't fix it, you might try a partial erase reset, or hitting it with the WebOS Doctor. Just be sure to back up anything accessible via the USB drive before a full erase reset or the Dr.

    Keyboard not working may be a hardware issue, especially if it doesn't come back after the Dr.
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    LEMON....had mine for over 3 months now and it works just perfectly. I would see if Sprint can help fix your problem....should be able to get a new battery to fix the on/off problem, and a hard reset will fix the rest. OR it might just need to be replaced, which they will galdly do for you. Just make sure you go to a Sprint repair store (NOT a kiosk or retail shop) but the corporate reapir tech support ones.
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    take it back now while you still can the newer builds are better
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    that's a weird set of issues. I can't say I have seen them before except for the first two. I would bring that back asap and get another one on the way. Keep your fingers and toes crossed it won't be a double stuff oreo.

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