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    As The Title Says. Trying To Figure Which One To Get. I've Read A Couple Threads. And Have Gotten Mixed Emotions About All. I'm Trying To Get One That's Extended But Also Want Stock Size. Any Help Would Help. Thanks
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    Seidio has one that is stock size and is (I believe) 1350 vs the 1200 milliamp hours in your stock battery. If an increase of slightly over 10% capacity is worth the money, you can order that one from Seidio directly or from here: Seidio Innocell Extended Life Battery for Palm Pre: Cell Phones & Service

    I'm sure there are also other options, but I prefer to buy my aftermarket batteries from Seidio based on their attentiveness and responsiveness here in the forum. I bought one of their 2600 extended batteries myself, but that doesn't fit your criteria of stock size.
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    Yeah. Seidio Was One Of My Top Thoughts. I Was Thinkin Bout Getting The Mugen Power One. But I've Read There Pretty Much The Same Thing. So It Was Just A Thought. Prolly Gonna Go With Seidio. Cause I've Heard They Atleast Always Get A Better Result. The Other Ones I've Read Have Had Some Good Batteries And Some Weren't That Great.
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    I use two stock palm batteries and got a 100% jump. Cheap and works great
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    Seido customer service rocks!. I have the 2600, battery lasts from 4am till midnight with heavy web browsing, pandora, texting and phone use. The battery all of a sudden lost its charge very quickly while the phone was off, one email to the customer service guy who monitors these boards and within 1 day an email notifying me of the tracking number for a replacement battery. no hassle, no arguements, nada. They produced a back that had problems with the flash, they have rectified the design problem and shipped everyone a replacement which works perfectly. Check the boards, the customer service is unreal. For that reason I ordered directly from their website.
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    i have the seidio 2600 battery and it is incredible. I got it yesterday and put it on an 8 hour charge. I have turned on all the gps functions, logged in with google talk, surfed the internet, sent multiple texts and it has been used without a charge for 9 hours and it only at 89%. my pre would be dead by now with the stock battery. according to the manual after 5-6 charges is when the battery will be fully broken in! it makes the pre thicker but who cares i love the constant multi-tasking without worrying about the battery!
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    Seidio fixed the flash problem on the 2600 case? That was the main reason I was going to go with either the Amzer or Mugen case over theirs. Has anyone used both the Seidio and the Amzer or Mugen that can offer a comparison between the look/feel of the two cover finishes? The Amzer/Mugen one feels like the OEM cover right? What is the best comparison for the Seidio matte finish cover? I read one review that said it's rubbery. How rubbery?
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    I'd go with the seidio, i've got an Amzer 1400 and well just read my post about it...
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    Thanks For The Responses Everyone. Well I'm Mostlikely Going To Either Go With The Seidio Battery. But If Decide Differently, I'm Gonna Go With The Mugen Power Battery. I'm Not Sure Yet. But I'd Figure I'd Ask Around A Little Bit Before Deciding Which To Go With. I'm In A Love Hate Relationship With My Stock One. For The Most Part, I've Only Had My Pre Since The 12th Of This Month. So Hopefully With Time It Gets Better.But If Not. AfterMarket Here I Come :P
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    I have never purchased anything from Sedio, so I have no direct experience. My opinion from reading posts for several years about them is that people either love or hate them. 95% of people love them (with maybe 5-10% of those being people who would have hated them had they not turned around a bad initial experience into good service). They have been on these forums for just about as long as they've been in business and they stay here. The most recent reason some here don't like Sedio is that Sedio said they should not use their Sedio Centro batteries in their Pre. (They felt like Sedio was just trying to churn more sales, as the batteries seem to work fine. They and/or Palm said they would damage the device over time.) In my opinion, I think Sedio sided with Palm instead of doing the right thing in this case. They did not want to back down because that meant they would have egg on their face.

    Sedio hate seems to go in and out of fashion, but even at the worst times, it's usually only a vocal minority (who may feel like I just insulted them). Sedio has been in the accessories business for Palm devices for a long time, so I'd go for them unless the price difference was more than 15-20% or it was a product I feel might need more customer service. This reminds me of a time I called Kensington because a trackball stopped working. They and I figured out the trackball was outside of the 5yr warranty (by how I described the device), but they sent me a refurbished trackball for free anyway. Sedio might not be this nice, but they have a similar philosophy of trying to make things right and develop long-term customers.

    So you probably didn't need my "balanced" observations of past Sedio love and hate, but I think it's easier to read a summary from my memory than take the time and do the "thorough research".

    What's my call:
    1) If you can wait to see how the Mugen/Amzer batteries hold up, do that and buy the cheapest that fits your needs. (As far as I've read so far, I don't think there is any difference between the Mugen/Amzer batteries .)
    2) If you are seriously running out of juice and don't want to wait or take a chance, buy the Sedio (as they have a good track record of "making things right" here).
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    Thanks For The Quick RunDown. I Pretty Much Had The Same Thought. I Was Kind Of Nervous About The Mugen/Amzer Batteries. But I Think I Can Hold Off A Bit Longer Too; 1.) See If My Stock Battery Gets Better With Time And 2.) Get A Little More FeedBack About The Mugen/Amzer Batteries..
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    Got my Seidio from Amazon. The stock battery is 1150mah so a 200mah bump is good enough for me.
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    That's What I Was Thinking. But Then The Mugen Battery Is Pretty Cheap Compared To The Seidio. And Suoposedly Bigger. But Then Again The Cheaper The Product Might Mean The Cheaper The Quality. But I'll Have Too Wait A Little Bit. Because My Stock Battery Still Is Going Through The Good And Bad Phase. Let Me Know How Your Liking Your Seidio.
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    im glad to hear that the seidio battery is worth the money, i was afraid it was just another one of those companies with an astronomical mah rating that was fake, now im going to have to consider buying it
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    I have had the 2600mAh Seido Innocell battery ($50 @ Amazon) for about two weeks now. It has an replacement back cover that makes it almost, but not quite, as thick as my Treo650. It's still smaller than the 650 overall and shirt-pocket friendly. Oddly, I like the extra stiffness the new back gives to the keyboard; makes the Pre seem a lot more solid. That could be the result of carrying a 650 for a couple of years, though. The back also has a matte finish that gives a nice bit of grip without being rubbery.

    I'm a power user. On my 650 and Centro I generally burned through about 300MB/mo of data. I could get by without recharging my 650 during the day but the Centro needed a top-off and the Pre with the stock battery was about the same.

    The 2600 is a world of difference. I generally go through about 40-45% of the new battery in a day (which amounts to 1 full stock battery) and if I'm someplace boring can go through 55% of the new battery (exceeding the Amzer 1400). It charges relatively quickly (maybe 3 hours) and lets me use the Pre as much as I please with all the services turned on. If I were more judicious I could even skip a day's charging. But then I'd have to forgo my web addiction and what's the fun in that?

    Some people have had issues with the flash reflecting off the thicker back and interfering with pictures but I haven't seen that. Not sure if I have a different version or just lucky. About my only criticism is that the back could have been thinner if they'd used a variable geometry. Not sure if the arguement against that was heat dissipation or simple economics. It is twice the battery as the 1300s but at only half again the cost.

    I'd recommend you grab the Battery Monitor app and run it for a couple of days. If it looks you're only barely exceeding 1 full battery a day and are really attached to the Pre's girlish figure, go with one of the 1300 or 1400 batteries. I personally like a more solid device and I absolutely need the extra power.
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    I ordered the Seidio 1350 mah battery from Amazon a few weeks ago for about $33. The OEM battery barely got me through the day so i figured the extra 200 mAh would be enough to make sure i make it through the day. Plus, i did not want to get the 2600 mah because it is currently not compatible with the Touchstone & also makes the phone thicker.

    Just like the OEM, the Seidio takes about 5 cycles before it actually becomes "primed" or whatever the official term is. When i first used the battery it died VERY quickly, much quicker than my OEM did. I had read this was normal before the battery breaks in, so i was not alarmed.

    After the 5 cycles it got much much better. I can say that the difference between the Seidio & the OEM is not drastic by any stretch, but it does provide that extra boost you may need to get you through the day.

    For instance, if the OEM battery dies a few hours short of what you consider a full day's charge, the Seidio will correct this.

    However, if your usage destroys the OEM battery mid-day, the Seidio 1350 will be of no use to you, go with the 2600.

    So in that respect, it all depends on your usage and what you're looking to do.

    Hope i helped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StormD View Post
    Seidio fixed the flash problem on the 2600 case?
    I can verify that my replacement back (that siedio sent to me for free) does not have the flash problem for my 2600.
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    anyone have a picture comparison of the 2600 over the stock OEM battery?
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    Just ti answer two questions quickly, yes there was an issue with the back cover and the flash, but that has been fixed. If you have the old cover with the flash problem, just email seidio and they will send you a new one.

    As far as a comparison pic, I reviewed the Seidio 2600 battery in the accessories forum, so head over there and have a look around and I am sure you will still find it. Another thread of mine shows the difference between the old and new back cover as far as the resulting pic quality is concerned. I would provide links, but I am on my pre right now so that's too much of a chore.
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    I got so used to bringing along my spare battery when I had an Instinct. I want to get that same effect, without making the Pre a lot thicker. I'm thinking about getting that cradle that charges the phone and a spare battery at the same time. When I leave for the day, I'll just grab the spare 1350 and would, in theory, double my battery life.

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