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    centro batteries were cheap( one free from sprint) and served me well
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    i want one but i love touchstone too much... but i go through the battery so fast
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    I got my Seidio 1350 from price I found...anyway, doesnt really feel like it lasts any thing I found odd is that when I open up the Battery App and go to the part that list the battery specs, its says capacity is 1150?? *** this a bug or is this battery a big rip off?
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    I have the Seidio 1350 and am glad that it works with the Touchstone. It's hard to determine if I really get 10% more out of it though.
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    So here's my experience with my Mugen 1400 MAH aftermarket battery.

    I take my phone off the charger in the morning at 8am sharp. I then proceed to stream a 25-30 min Podcast off ESPN (PTI to be exact). Right after the Podcast finishes I begin listening to Pandora while waiting for my morning bus. Once my bus comes, I switch immediately to watch a video on my phone all the way to work. By the time I get into work at about 9:30am My battery on my ORIGINAL PALM phone would be down to about 65-70%. With the new MUGEN battery I am looking at about 70-75%. So this is about 1 hour and a 30 minute of heavy usage

    On my way home at 5pm, I tax my phone even more. I'll leave work with the battery at 100% I hit the Gym streaming another 40 minute podcast, and after that's done immediately switch to Pandora. After I get on the subway I switch immediately to watch downloaded Podcasts or listen to Music on my phone. All the meantime I'm sure the phone radio is actively searching for a signal underground. I then get on a long bus ride watching a Video non stop. By the time I get home at 8pm. That's 3 hours of heavy usage. My original Palm Battery would be at 20-25%, with my Mugen 1400 MAH battery it hovers in the 35-40% range.

    So overall it does seem like i get about 10% more battery life out of my phone. The other thing i noticed with this Battery is, in the beginning it feels like the battery is draining down really fast from 100% down to 80% within 15 minutes, but after that, the percentage goes down much slower. I don't know if it's because the PRE can't measure the battery % right or it's just the nature of the battery holding a better charge in the Middle rather than the beginning.

    I guess for the $30 i spent it's worth it for the Mugen as it also gives me a spare battery to carry around with my original PALM battery
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    Having had the 2600 Seido another month (and discovering podcasts) I thought I'd give more info on daily usage.

    This is my typical monday-friday routine
    *download and listen to ~6 hours of podcasts (50/50 wifi/EvDO)
    *2-3 hours websurfing (50/50 wifi/EvDO)
    *~1 hours phone usage
    *send 2-3 emails, receive a couple dozen
    *send 1 or 2 texts, receive 5 or 6
    *~1 hour using notepad/acrobat/preader either reading a book or writing notes for a project
    *spend some time on x1 mode and roaming due to the giant steel building I work in, surrounded by other signal-destroying steel buildings.

    This usually burns up 80-85% of the 2600 maH battery. If I know I need to stretch it out I can forgo the podcasts and gain 30-40% battery life or only download podcasts in wifi zones and get another 5-10%.
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