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    I dont know this for sure, but it seems to me that the Pre's GPS chip only activates when its called upon by an internal app to do so, even when its set to On in the main Location settings on your Pre. When the phone is idle/asleep, GPS isn't really transmitting. At least not your exact location like it would if you were running Maps or something similar.

    This is probably done to save battery life, but the major problem is that if you're trying to say locate your child using Sprint's Family Locator from a browser on your computer, then its never gonna be accurate & will just use cell towers (which will result in a huge radius. usually a couple hundred yards or so). Its pretty much useless in this regard.

    Would also be a problem once we get Google Latitude. Or when we are using some kind of GPS tracker that runs in the background to track points on a map for later viewing (like if you're biking or something).

    Can anyone confirm this??
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    I don't have a link handy, but if you're comfortable working in the terminal and setting up some scripts, there's actually a way to install a web server and a simple website on the Pre itself that will allow you to track your Pre's location in google maps live. As soon as you try to load the page, the Pre grabs a GPS location and serves up the appropriate google me.

    For the less command line skilled, there's also Cell Stalker which checks you GPS location every 10 minutes and uploads it to a website where you can check the location using a randomized pass code from the phone.
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    Hi there,

    just so you know... a gps does not transmit. it only receives. while it is possible that the software will turn off the gps, it does not actually send a signal. the multitude of satellites are the transmitters. This is standard in most gps units, yes there are some that you pay big bucks for that will transmit a signal.. but you have to buy that from a myriad of different sites. Usually used for tracking vehicles.
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    You are correct that the actual GPS receiver is, in fact, only a receiver. However, as I understand it, the Pre only uses what's called "assisted GPS" where the phone doesn't do any of the interpreting of the signals from the satellites itself. Instead, it relays that information to sprint, which interprets it and sends usable location data back to the phone.

    That of course, uses quite a bit of power.

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