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    Slightly related, is there anyway to keep a group text together? I am often sending messages to more than one person, but after it is sent it gets divided into the individuals. If I want to text them all again I have to create a new text and add all of their names again, which is quite inconvenient.
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    I remember reading that it would be in the FIRST update... Nothing, then i read it would be in 1.1 and nothing... we shall see when its released. I was so lost without text fwding the first week i had my pre untill i found out how to root and install !
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    Quote Originally Posted by VeeDubb65 View Post
    VERY true.

    Plus, txt forwarding has been available for a while through WebOSQuickInstall, so most anybody who would care probably already has it going.
    can we upload it Via Preware? I didn't see the option in preware
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    Quote Originally Posted by Addie_Goodvibes View Post
    can we upload it Via Preware? I didn't see the option in preware
    no, just webosquickinstall
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    Sure it wasn't Tony Clifton?
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    Actually, weren't they the "underpants" gnomes?
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