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    Well I am definitely planning on getting the Zune HD within the next couple of days (specs are just to sexy not to) and I am wondering how well Zune 4 works with the Pre. Anyone have any knowledge on this? I have heard that Zune 4 is considerably better then itunes 9 so really wondering about this.
    The Zune HD is very impressive... I can visualize a Zune HD phone that could very well go head to head with iPhone if they were smart enough to capitalize on a few things...

    One the GUI looks very slick and fresh and hoping that it is a sneak peak of how Mobile7 will be.

    The design of the HD is very sexy and would make a great form if they can put a phone it it with the great display and video.

    One great advantage is that it looks like iPhone apps can be ported VERY quickly.

    Game Ported From iPhone to Zune HD in 12 Hours - Zune hd apps - Gizmodo

    If so, and they do the other two things above, they will have a hit on their hands because those who love and are hard to let go of their favorite apps on iPhone can jump to Zune if they know the exact same app can be available on Zune.
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    LOL! I've been a Zune User since the 30 gig, have an 80, 8, and now the HD. I wish like crazy they would make a phone as awesome as the HD is, but after I saw the "Project Pink" images, I threw up a little in my mouth and went out to finally get a Pre.
    I would't care so much about an Zune app, because I can deal with having all my media (Zune HD) seperate from my phone/ communications device (Pre).
    But if they did make a phone with a responsive screen like the Zune HD's....WOW!
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