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    I had to exchange my pre for a new one (the power button broke - said to a be a flaw in the gen 1 pre's) and I thought I was covered with my contacts, calendar, and personal data. When my pre was restored.... nothing. All of my
    "on device" contacts were missing. The facebook, exchange, and google contacts synced...but the palm contacts were missing.

    Luckily, I thought I had installed "echo" a pre backup program and copied the PalmDatabase.db3 file to my harddrive as a last resort.

    I tried ECHO.... no dice.
    I tried copying PalmDatabase.db3, and for some reason I must not have copied all of the databases...because the names were there, but the numbers weren't.

    Does anyone have any help???? I'm not entering 250 contacts by hand.

    Stupid Palm/Sprint BS!

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    I just exchanged mine as well, today as a matter of fact (could not hear out of the earpiece) but I use Pocketmirror to sync my contacts with my Outlook 07.
    Luckily, I might say because like you said, the only thing that synced was my facebook and google contacts which wasn't even 10% of my contact list.
    Thankfully, my Outlook had ALL of my contacts and I did a sync with Pocketmirror. I bucked up and paid the $30 bucks because my trial had expired, but it is VERY handy and totally worth the $30.

    250, I feel for you!
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    The same thing happened to me, but I found it was an error in how the contacts were synced up in the first place. In my Pre, they were synced to my google account and not my palm profile. So, I went into the preferences of contacts, deleted my google account (signing in was not working), and re-added it. Bam! All my contacts flooded back.

    One thing which I found an inconvenience was that the contact to which I added a custom picture pulled the version from google (since it was no longer on the phone), and google keeps a pretty scaled down version so now a bunch of my contacts have grainy pics. Easily rectified however. Also, I had to remove and re-add google account in Email, Messaging and Calendar.

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