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    So it happened today. I'm 6 foot 3 inches and I finally dropped my phone on the concrete driveway from about 5'. It bounced from one corner to another. At the top, it cracked a u shape in it. So my question is, is the LCD integrated into the outer shell, or is it possible to replace the plastic shell without "shelling out" for a new LCD?
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    Right now, I am afraid that your repair options are quite limited. In fact the only option is to replace the device from my understanding, that is unless palm has started working on them themselves....
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    No sir. Hope you have insurance!
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    I do have the insurance. But I don't think I want to pay $100 for a replacement just yet. At this point it is just a crack. If it starts to run, then I've got problems. For now, I guess my best bet would be to buy a snap on face plate as it would completely hide the crack.

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