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    I'm sure some of these answers can be found elsewhere, but I've looked and seem to get lost in the clutter. Since it appears Palm has limited the number of apps I can load, I don't want duplicated stuff.

    1st, what is the main difference between Preware and filecoaster? It seems both do the same thing. Am I wrong? Which is better?

    2nd, is Preload part of Preware?

    3rd, Is there an easy place that I can go to organize all of my apps via the computer vs. having to drag them here and there via the pre itself?

    4th, Go to Lite and Go to, are they the same thing? I've played with them both a bit, but can't tell what the difference is. At one point, I thought I had seen a difference, now I can't tell.

    5th, why does the contact's info screen pop up when I take the phone from my head? It used to just give me dialer screen, now it gives me the contact screen, which makes it difficult/time consuming to end a call. I have to close multiple screens... very frustrating.

    6th, does the GPS actually work inside? I seem to get readings from inside my house, but I've tried using Pre-track while running and it doesn't seem to pull the info, if I turn the phone to standby and place in my pocket. Should it?

    That might do it for a now, I really do appreciate any info on these items.
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    1. filecoaster uses the same "too many apps" logic as the App Catalog, Preware doesn't. I also think that Preware will let you load apps that modify the WebOS space (filecoaster is only "safe" apps). I started with filecoaster, it does what I need, so I haven't bothered with Preware. To be fair I haven't even tried Preware, so I have no idea which is "better".

    3. No I don't think so, just drag 'em

    5. Never seen this. Maybe you're somehow tapping the contact in the center of the screeen (which brings up the contacts). But I believe the proximity detector is supposed to shut off the touch screen when you put the phone to your ear ... perhaps it's not working correctly?
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    Preware lets you add patches like for the virtual keyboard. I started out using filecoaster but I only use Preware now. Now with Preware you also can change themes within your phone which you can not do using filecoaster.

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